Virginia Hardwood Flooring

We have available a wide variety of solid, engineered and strand Bamboo.

This includes many styles and colors to enhance any room decor.

The Galaxy collection includes Mercury. This very distinct look features Bronze particles that have settled into the grain and give this wood a dramatic appearance. The particles sparkle up close and from a distance infuses the floor with a delightful shine over a dark base
This Sunrise bamboo starts with a base of Engineered Vertical Carbonized bamboo with a rich gunstock stain applied to give it a warm, rich appearance that will enhance any room

Cotton bamboo is a light, airy white washed that will brighten any decor.

With its underlying grey to blue undertones it will add a distinct touch to any room

Lava is a very rich deep tone that adds elegance to any decor.

With it's warm stain and ease of installation with the locking system, this strand bamboo is the perfect choice for a variety of rooms

Handscraped Antique Spice is a strand Bamboo with a handscraped surface that has darker lines throughout will make a distinct statement in any room
Handscraped Spice is also handscraped without the darker lines for a lighter appearance and clear, rich color